Boston Short Sleeve Hoodie - Army Green

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Boston Short Sleeve Hoodie - Army Green

Big Forearms show that you're one of the motivated. So stop hiding them!
Get the Boston Short Sleeve Hoodie. The perfect solution for all hoodie fans, at times when it's just too cold to wear a tank or tee,
but too hot to wear a long sleeve hoodie!
This hoodie has zipper pockets with an internal headphone opening to keep your personal belongings safe and your favorite tune pumping through your headphone
without the cord swinging outside your hoodie like Tarzan from a vine! It's time to show the people that you are a member of the GORILLA WEAR Family where you can choose between the colors Army Green, Red, Black, and Gray.

Check the size chart to find your perfect fit!

Art.no. 90701409
Color: Army Green
Quality: 80% cotton, 20% polyester